The Main Products of KKMP are Gypsum and Sea Salt


The Gypsum Supplied by KKMP has always proved to be of superior quality as compared to what is provided by the competitors. That has been achieved because of the strict monitoring of the mining of the mining, and loading processes that ensure that only pure gypsum is loaded and delivered to our clients.

Efforts are also made to ensure that gypsum does contain any contaminants, Moisture is maintained at acceptable minimum. The Quality of our Gypsum is always above 85% purity level.

Sea Salt

KKMP produces crystal White Sea salt fit for providing all the necessary dietary supplements required for edible salt. In addition, the Sea Salt produced by KKMP is also suitable as dietary supplement, animal feeds and other industrial purposes for which Salt is used such as preservation skins and hydes for ternaries and skin traders.

KKMP owns delivery trucks which are used together with those provided by the contracted transporters.

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