Our projects

1. Gypsum mining.

Mining is taking place at Makangaga village in Kilwa district. KKMP holds mining licenses covering 354 acres of land distributed into three blocks, that is Nakatanda, Pindiro and Luwawa.

Mined gypsum is transported to our collection located at Mtandi village which is 30 kilometers from the mining site. Mtandi village is located at about 381 km from Dar es salaam or 180 kilometers from mtwara.

2. Sea Salt Making

KKMP owns a Sea Salt farm located at Kiswele village which is 8 Kilometers from Mtandi – Mtwara main road. KKMP has capacity of providing about 10,000 tons of Sea Salt per year. Salt is packed into 50 Kg and 25 kg bags. Our salt is sold both locally and regionally to the coutries of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

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